User Tests

To get more data for the evaluation part of my thesis, user tests will be realised. Current Status Beside bugfixing and refining the software, the evaluation of the Unita beacon, with the help of the client test app, will be realised through user tests and questionnaire-based interviews. Alongside the hardware evaluation, those tests will give Read more about User Tests[…]

Software implementation

The implementation Unita SDK, the application on top of it and the server is now completed and only needs more testing, refinement and bug fixing. Current Status The beacon module (Unita SDK) now got the last software parts. The SDK now has the fully implemented WebSocket interface and with that the communication with the server Read more about Software implementation[…]


Beside working on the beacon module and application, the server part started! Current Status The software development for the beacon is going on and the application on top of that module is also in progress. The biggest problem for the beacon module was, to stay on a base level and to not include parts of Read more about Backend[…]

Beacon Software

Use cases were defined and the development is in progress. Current Status After finding a suitable interface, I created several use cases. With those use cases, I created a list of features, which should be in the beacon module and on the server side. This module should contain all the basic things needed for the Read more about Beacon Software[…]