Evaluation and Writing

User tests are finished and analysed.

Current Status

Eleven user tests were done and are evaluated now. Eight people with technical background (either on the programming or on the usability side) were asked and two people, who are not working in the IT sector. The tests included three parts in the end. First, questions about demographics, experience with smartphones and comparable communication channels like Bluetooth or NFC, and general questions on ultrasonic communication with the goal to get information about acceptance and trust. The second part consisted of six tasks on the use case “SocialWall”. Questions about the use case itself and a system usability scale completed the user tests.

A lot of information could be gained through the user tests. The evaluation showed several interesting facts. Overall, the response was nice and positive. One big aspect was the security of the system. Especially for situations where sensitive data would be transmitted, like for mobile payment, the acceptance was not really high. For the use case application part, more in-app feedback would be needed.

Beside the user tests, some refinements in the software were made. The writing of the thesis is still going on.

Upcoming Challenges

After the software is completed now and all the user tests were performed, the thesis and a documentation needs to be finished.