Testing and Writing

User tests are nearly completed and more in-app feedback is added.

Current Status

After a pre-test, the test design was changed and updated again. For example, the acceptance of ultrasound is now checked with a system acceptance scale. Furthermore, the pre-test was used to change the interface to make it more user friendly and intuitive. Most of the user tests are already performed, only some are missing.

On the hardware side, a small but impactful change happened. The used amplifier for the microphone produced too much noise, which disturbed the received signal and generated many errors. The solution is now a more precise pre-amplifier with less noise production. The negative side it needs more power and cannot be supplied by the 5V of the Raspberry Pi.

Beside the user tests,  some, already mentioned, refinements in the software (on beacon and client side) were made. Some feedback mechanisms were added. The writing of the thesis is still going on.

Upcoming Challenges

Beside fixes and improvements, based on the coming evaluation of the user tests, all the features of the software are completed. The rest of the user tests needs to be finished and evaluated as well as finishing the thesis and documentation writing.