User Tests

To get more data for the evaluation part of my thesis, user tests will be realised.

Current Status

Beside bugfixing and refining the software, the evaluation of the Unita beacon, with the help of the client test app, will be realised through user tests and questionnaire-based interviews. Alongside the hardware evaluation, those tests will give more data about the interaction with the beacon and its audio interface. A basic test design is already written and contains the target group, the focus and the goals of the tests. The goals are finding answers of general questions about the usage of ultrasonic communication and more detailed information about the Unita beacon with the “SocialWall”-application. Examples are the acceptance and trust in ultrasonic communication, other use cases for ultrasound or improvements of the beacon. Those broader questions will be answered by the test of the beacon itself, a system usability scale and the questionnaire-based interviews after each user test. Therefore, two blocks of questions are defined to get general information and more use case specific information. The user test contains three tasks to cover the most important parts of the use case implementation.

Upcoming Challenges

The next steps are, on the one hand, still writing on the thesis itself and, on the other hand, running those user tests with several users and evaluating those tests and interviews. Still a topic is bugfixing, refining and refactoring the code.