Software implementation

The implementation Unita SDK, the application on top of it and the server is now completed and only needs more testing, refinement and bug fixing.

Current Status

The beacon module (Unita SDK) now got the last software parts. The SDK now has the fully implemented WebSocket interface and with that the communication with the server is now working dynamically. A simple login is programmed, and messages can be sent to the server via WebSockets. Those messages are stored independently of their attributes and therefore the database collections are kind of dynamic. Beside storing messages on the server, the local database, with saving and retrieving functionality, is also fully working now. The messages types got updated and the functionality of conversion to the base Unita message and conversion from this Unita message, as well as the sending of all those message types, is updated and working. Furthermore, commands with predefined actions are added. In addition, the location is now sent and saved to server and the server can, independently from user interactions, ask for those beacon data. Moreover, the main use case application is also finished and uses all functionalities of the SDK now.

Upcoming Challenges

The next steps for those finished software parts is testing, finding potential bugs, fixing those errors and refining the software. In addition, the test app will be finished to completely test all functions of the use case application in combination with the SDK as different test cases of the scenario. The writing of the thesis itself is in progress.