Application creation

The implementation of the SDK is on the home stretch as well as the use case application

Current Status

The software implementation for the beacon is going on and nearly finished. On the application side, the main use case is still in progress, but already has many features implemented. The SDK now has a remote database and the first draft of the WebSocket communication. The server now has both interfaces, REST and WebSocket, in and can be extended, while the finish of the SDK and application (WebSocket) as well as the mobile test app (REST) is on the way.

On the hardware part, the test setup for the microphone and loudspeaker evaluation is described and partly already done. For every hardware element there will be a frequency sweep, which is either sent or received by the beacon, depending on the hardware tested at that point. That procedure is executed, for three distances and at two different volume levels, three times for the whole list of hardware.

Upcoming Challenges

One of the upcoming challenges is finishing the SDK and the application on top of it. Especially, creating test cases and content like commands for the application. For testing the mobile application needs to be finished. Another one will be handling all calls with databases correctly on the server side and on the remote database on the client side.