Beacon Software

Use cases were defined and the development is in progress.

Current Status

After finding a suitable interface, I created several use cases. With those use cases, I created a list of features, which should be in the beacon module and on the server side. This module should contain all the basic things needed for the most common use cases I defined. Based on that, there will be an application for the use case I chose. The use case, I want to implement, is some kind of social wall, where you can leave a public message like on a black board. Further, you should also be able to leave private messages for other users.

After that, I already started developing the beacon part of the software. It is programmed in Java and for the sending and receiving part I build upon the SoniTalk SDK.

Upcoming Challenges

The next challenges will be the development of the server side of UNITA. Beside that, smaller challenges are the connection between the server and the beacons, and the connection between the server and the mobile phone application.