Ultrasonic Network for IoT Applications

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UNITA - Ultrasonic Network for IoT Applications

The area of Internet of Things (IoT) gained increasing importance in recent years. More and more everyday devices become smart and connected. Most of today’s IoT devices communicate via Wireless LAN or Bluetooth, which requires an external network and available sensors. UNITA focuses on the development and construction of an ultrasonic communication infrastructure, i.e. ultrasonic beacons, which should provide an alternative way of communicating for IoT devices. These beacons should send and receive ultrasonic information and can connect with the internet for data exchange. With those beacons it should be able to create a network, which can be used to connect smartphones, smartwatches and other IoT devices with each other and the internet. As a proof-of-concept, a mobile app should be developed that communicates with the beacons and visualizes the network activity and status. The application will be implemented as Android application.

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Florian Taurer

Florian Taurer is a master student at the University of Applied Sciences studying Digital Media Technologies. He started working as a student researcher in February 2017 for the Media Computing Group, Institute of CreativeMedia/Technologies at the FH St.Pölten, University of Applied Sciences, and is now working as research assistant there.

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